Nine Ways Casinos Encourage Players to Play

If you have ever been to a casino, you realize there is a great deal happening. In between the sounds, the lights, and also the drinks, it is virtually an after-hours theme park. A costly after-hours theme park.

The University of Las Vegas discovered the 23 Vegas casinos bringing in more than $72 million each within the 2013 fiscal yr ended up with more than $5 billion of their visitors’ cash, altogether. That is an average of more than $630,000 each day, per casino.

Nobody that has ever held a checking account considers gambling a sensible and prudent monetary option, so what is the deal? How come we’re spending a lot cash in casinos?

A current Quora thread asked a comparable query. Here are a few of the users’ ideas on how casinos get gamblers to spend much more cash. Read the article on Business Insider   One solution to avoiding  the intoxicating atmosphere of land-based casinos might be to only play  at online and only at the best casinos online with appropriate controls.