Online Gambling Addiction Disputed by Researchers

Higher accessibility to on-line casinos results in much more problem gamblers – that is the line promoted by anti-gambling campaigners attempting to halt or reverse the legalization of on-line casinos.

Nevertheless, current study performed by Harvard Medical School’s Division on Addiction has discovered no proof that on-line casinos produce much more problem gamblers than every other type of gambling. One solution is to play in moderation and only at the best online casinos with solid reputations and controls.

Among the primary findings that emerged from their survey of 4,000 on-line gamblers was that only a small minority of gamers (in between 1%-5%) exhibited “intense gambling conduct that far exceeded the remainder of the sample.┬áThat problem gambling is really a severe problem for substantial numbers of individuals is not possible to dispute. But what this study exhibits is the fact that gamers are investing far much less time and dropping considerably much less cash, taking part in at on-line casinos than was extensively believed. Read the full story.