The advent of Poker as a game in everyday culture is evident by the celebrities who endorse it and by airtime it now receives on mainstream sports stations such as ESPN and popular magazines. The famous image of the late night Friday poker game between the boys as seen in famous films such as the Odd Couple, or on TV shows such as Cheers and M*A*S*H have now expanded to include all adults from all walks of life, any day of the week. The game is easy to learn and the fan base for it is increasing daily.

The most popular incarnation of the game is Texas Hold ‘Em. The game consists of a 52-card deck. Increasing television coverage, the now famous Million Dollar World Series Of Poker and films such as Rounders are giving poker record level interest and its popularity is exponentially growing!


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Texas Hold ‘Em is part card game and part chess match where you not only try to make the best with your hand, but it is also important to read your fellow player. All this happens at a quick pace, which adds to the adrenaline rush! This element of the game has made those whom excel at Texas Hold ‘Em the modern version of rock stars, celebrities and heroes to the common man. Recent winners have all admitted to learning and honing their craft online as well collecting lucrative payouts online while awaiting the next big tournament on a land-based casino. Even they admit that there is always room for improvement. Once you’ve practiced enough and feel confident enough to pull up a chair at one of many US approved online casinos,  you might find yourself sitting next to a celebrity who is worried about what cards YOU are holding!