Tokyo, Japan Getting into Gambling

Tokyo, Japan is poised to become among the world’s largest gambling centers if legislation being considered there’s approved.

Casinos seem like they might be on the rebound both in Vegas and Macau, The smart money however appears to be betting gambling is going to be big in Japan.

Just like China, gambling is against the law throughout Japan, but whereas China created the small enclave of Macau allowing gaming to flourish, Japan is allowing it countrywide.

The move had a big push this summer once the ruling Liberal Democratic Party of President Shinzo Abe won an obvious majority with National Diet, japan bicameral legislature. Where formerly it’d tcreate coalitions using the Buddhist Komeito party, which opposes gambling, the tthis summers elections gave the LDP a majority without the requirement for coalition-building.

Expect gambling legalization to be spurred in August after Abe promoted three pro-casino officials to senior posts within the party.

Yet whether legalization will win is anyone’s guess. The present session from the legislature only runs until the end of the month, despite the fact that it may be extended for many days, it might not be sufficient time for any bill to really make it through both houses. Yet the likelihood gambling includes Japan is really great. Casino operators are abandoning plans forexpanding elsewhere and preparing during the day when it’s legal.