Uncle Sam wants Banks to Police Casinos

atlantic city boardwalkBig international banking institutions are dealing with elevated pressure from US regulators to clamp down on casino cash laundering as the government pushes the business to police not just its personal transactions but customers’ also.

Bankers, casino management and consultants stated the US crackdown has resulted in unparalleled scrutiny and collaboration between the  industries, such as banking institutions vetting casino customers’ anti-money laundering methods, checking to make certain casinos don’t accept anonymous wire transfers, and providing databases as well as other info to assist the gaming business spot risky transactions. To ensure this doeas not happen just play at the best and most reputable internet casinos.

Whilst the concept of cash laundering via casinos is absolutely nothing new – and continues to be fodder for plots in Hollywood films – till lately, banking institutions haven’t been envisioned as having to take part  in regulators’ and prosecutors’ search for this kind of criminal. Read the article on Times of Malta.